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Honouring Our Journey: personal stories about living with HIV

                           “Stop doing for us, without us” –author unknown

In the quest to improve health outcomes, health care workers sometimes forget to check in with the people they are helping. Chee Mamuk Aboriginal Program, housed at the BC Centre for Disease Control, has heard this message loud and clear. Aboriginal people living with HIV are asking to be consulted in their health service delivery. 

Chee Mamuk provides culturally appropriate HIV, STI and hepatitis education, resources and wise practice models for Aboriginal communities throughout BC.

Honouring Our Journey: a new resource

Chee Mamuk recently unveiled their newest resource: Honouring our Journey.  This booklet combines best practices and education with personal stories about Aboriginal people affected by HIV.


In January of this year, six Aboriginal people gathered in Vancouver to share their personal stories about how HIV has impacted their lives. Several of the individuals featured in the booklet have been living with HIV for more than 20 years; others are family members – a mother, a sister, a partner – all who have been impacted by HIV in some way.

The booklet is designed for Aboriginal people by Aboriginal people.  The stories are inspiring and demonstrate the strength and resilience of the storytellers.  The photos are colorful and lively and invite the reader into the personal journeys of those affected by HIV.  Interspersed between the stories and photos is information about HIV; how it is transmitted and how it is not, the signs and symptoms, available testing and current treatment.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide HIV information, in a low-barrier approach, to Aboriginal people.


Interested in ordering?

Honouring our Journey is available for ordering to Aboriginal communities and organizations within BC by contacting Chee Mamuk at 604-707-5605 or cheemamuk(at)bccdc.ca.