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HIV Care Registry: Connecting people with care

What is the HIV Care Registry?

Connecting with care can feel good and can sustain health. Positive Living BC’s HIV Care Registry is an online database designed to help people living with HIV (PLHIV) in BC find the care providers they need. Ultimately, the registry will help empower people to care for their health.

The registry provides province-wide contact information for physicians, dentists, massage therapists, nurse practitioners, counselors, dietitians, and more. All have acknowledged that they welcome clients living with HIV/AIDS, and will provide respectful, supportive care. Health care providers listed on the registry have the medical knowledge necessary to meet the unique needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.

A new and improved registry

The registry website, originally launched in 2013, has been redesigned and improved.  It can be used as both a personal and professional resource—by people living with HIV or by service providers to locate other care providers for their clients.

The new site features the following upgrades:

  • Double the number of listings to choose from;
  • Responsive design that works on all devices, including smart phones and tablets;
  • Search feature that produces keyword results for community, location, language, care provider type, and gender; and
  • Mapping feature that displays the best route to a care provider’s location, via transit, driving, cycling, or foot.

Interested in joining the registry?

Care providers accepting clients living with HIV, especially those in rural BC, are encouraged to join the registry.  Providers interested in joining can do so by using the contact function at the bottom of the registry website, or by emailing leahg@positivelivingbc.org.

To ensure listings are accurate, care providers will be contacted on a yearly basis by Positive Living BC to confirm their information.  Providers can also update their information any time through the registry website.

Other Positive Living BC resources

The HIV Care Registry is part of Positive Living BC’s effort to provide online health-related supports and resources to PLHIV in all parts of the province, including rural areas.

Other online services available include community forums and education sessions offered via webinar, Skype consultations with peer navigators for newly diagnosed people, and an upcoming e-reader version of Positive Living magazine, which contains content supporting education and self-care for PLHIV