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Sexuality & disability in British Columbia

Did you know that British Columbians have a Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service for persons with disability?

Did you know there is also a Vancouver Sperm Retrieval Clinic for men with neurological problems and associated sexual dysfunction who need help having children?

A person with a physical disability or chronic illness (such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, arthritis, amputation, multiple sclerosis, etc.) may have specific questions or concerns in areas such as sexual functioning, sexual relationships, sexual self-image, fertility, and parenting. Their partners and families may also have questions in these or other areas.

What are the SHRS and VSRC?

The Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service (SHRS) and the Vancouver Sperm Retrieval Clinic (VSRC) are tertiary BC health care services composed of:

  • Sexual Health Clinicians (RNs),
  • a Sexual Medicine Physician, and
  • a Urologist trained in sexual and fertility rehabilitation.

Clients are seen in a respectful and confidential clinic setting. The SHRS and VSRC collaborate with other health care professionals and allied health, and are based at two sites in Vancouver, BC.

There are three primary goals of the clinics: 

  1. To facilitate the sexual and fertility rehabilitation of clients and their families through medical intervention, education, and emotional support.
  2. To educate health care providers, students and health care consumers. 
  3. To lead in advanced research initiatives that will develop the specialized body of knowledge in sexuality, fertility and disability.

A physician or health care professional can refer a client to either the SHRS or VSRC by faxing 604-714-4191.

For more information

To find out more about each service or whether a referral is appropriate, call:

  1. The Sexual Health Rehab Service at GF Strong Rehab Centre, 4255 Laurel Street, Vancouver  Phone: 604-737-6233
  2. The Vancouver Sperm Retrieval Clinic at The Blusson Integrated Spine Clinic, 2nd floor, 818 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver Phone: 604-875-4111 ext 69850