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Mental health services at Health Initiative for Men (HIM)

The idea of counselling can be intimidating for many people. However, talking to someone and having their expert perspective can often lead to positive changes of mood, improvement in physical symptoms and a shift in understanding of relationships with oneself and others.

Services at HIM

Counselling with the Health Initiative for Men (HIM) can provide insight, tools, guidance and information in a way that is sex-positive, non-judgmental, and affirming.
Mental health programs at HIM are open to self-identified men (trans men, cis men, and other men), non-binary, and gender-queer folks who also identify as two-spirit, asexual, gay, bi, queer, and/or as other guys who are into guys.

Professional volunteer counselling program

The HIM Professional Volunteer counselling program is designed to support people who have low annual income or are otherwise marginalized. Counselling with HIM connects individuals with a therapist who has professional counselling, psychology or other related credentials.

Our counsellors aim to create a safe, welcoming environment where someone can explore whatever is troubling their psychological and emotional well-being.

HIM Helps: reduced rate counselling program

In the fall of 2017, HIM launched the HIM Helps Program. This program offers reduced-cost counselling to gay, bi, queer, trans, Two-Spirit and other guys into guys. 

This confidential and professional program is ideal for people with medium to high annual income, or people with insurance coverage. The fees charged will be between $50-$80 depending on annual income and insurance coverage.

For more information

Explore HIM’s mental health resources at www.checkhimout.ca/mind
For more information, email aaron@checkhimout.ca or call 604-488-1001