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Survey: Harm Reduction

The Harm Reduction team at the BC Centre for Disease Control would like to invite you to participate in a short survey.

The purpose of this survey, as it pertains to Mental Wellness and Substance Use, is to identify needs across the province to inform a series of courses for our online learning platform (LearningHub).

The courses will be available to the public for anyone to access, and will be directed towards health care employees, providers, affiliates, students, and volunteers working at BC health care facilities.

The information collected in the survey is confidential and at the end of the survey you can enter a draw for 25$ gift cards.

This survey will be available until October 31st, 2018

To access the survey, click the following link: https://surveys.vch.ca/Survey.aspx?s=c25e4387904a4bd3a5b7aaa77809aa7c

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback regarding this survey, please contact Emily Sollows