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Your Sexual Health: A Guide for People Living with HIV

Treatment as prevention and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) have expanded the definitions of “safer sex” for people living with HIV. It’s important to update resources and messages to reflect current evidence, and to support everyone in having happy, healthy sex lives. Your Sexual Health is a new resource from CATIE which gives up-to-date information in plain language to help people living with HIV make informed decisions about their sex life.

The resource contains information relevant to anyone living with HIV, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It helps readers choose when condoms may or may not be needed for HIV prevention, while considering risks for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Your Sexual Health clearly guides readers through the basics of sexual healthcare: this includes how to get a sexual health check-up, what to expect at the appointment, and how often these should be scheduled. HIV disproportionately affects gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM), and this group has specific healthcare needs. Your Sexual Health features a section for guys who engage in chemsex or Party n’ Play (PnP) and provides some information on its physical and mental health risks. 

CATIE takes a holistic approach to sexual health that looks beyond STIs in this resource. Your Sexual Health encourages open, honest communication with partners and healthcare providers for people living with HIV to decide what’s right for them. Some other topics included are sexual dysfunction and consent – which are relevant to any reader regardless of HIV status – while also addressing other issues that are more specific to people living with HIV. The resource concludes with the latest information on HIV disclosure and the law, developed in partnership with the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

You can access the resource here. To order free copies of Your Sexual Health, please visit the CATIE Ordering Centre (English) or here in French.