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Service Providers: Tell us what you think about HIV point-of-care testing in BC and the BCCDC’s provincial program

The BC Point-of-Care HIV Testing Program, has been operating at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) since 2011. It was established to increase access of HIV testing in BC under the BC Ministry of Health’s Hope to Health: Towards an AIDS-Free Generation provincial strategy. The program provides point-of-care tests and supplies, free-of-charge to approved BC health care settings.

The BCCDC is currently conducting an evaluation of the BC Point-of-Care HIV Testing Program and we are inviting service providers to participate in an online survey.

The purpose of the evaluation is to understand the current reach of HIV point-of-care testing, point-of-care testing usage across the province, implementation approaches being used by sites, outcomes related to point-of-care testing, and potential areas of growth or improvement for the program.

This survey is intended for service providers who have:

  • Used HIV point-of-care tests with service users, patients or clients;
  • Been part of the Provincial HIV Point-of-Care Program; or
  • Have explored the possibility of using HIV point-of-care testing but did not go ahead to implementation (you do not need to be doing point-of-care testing currently).

We want to hear from a broad range of service providers including:

  • People in clinical, community or peer-based roles who are doing, have done, or are interested in HIV point-of-care testing;
  • People in leadership or decision-making positions;
  • People working at health authorities;
  • People working in laboratories;
  • Academics, researchers;
  • Students; and
  • Others who have an interest in contributing to the evaluation of HIV point-of-care testing in BC.

The survey will ask you a combination of multiple choice and open-ended questions and should take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. You will have the option to save and continue later if you need. Your responses are anonymous, no contact information is linked to your responses. The survey will be open until January 26, 2024.

Your contributions to the evaluation will be aggregated with other evaluation data collected into an evaluation report. We expect several recommendations for the provincial program to emerge.

Please use this link to open the survey. We very much appreciate your contributions and thank you for your time. If you have any questions please be in contact with: