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Building a Roadmap for Viral Hepatitis Elimination in BC: Your Input is Important!

The BC Viral Hepatitis Elimination Roadmap Service Mapping Survey has now launched. The Road map team is collecting responses to this survey until April 8th 2024, so please complete it as soon as possible, and forward this invitation to anyone else who you think may wish to complete it.

Our ask from you

If you are someone who works or volunteers in services or issues relating to hepatitis B or C in BC, please complete the Service Mapping Survey. The survey has a combination of check-box and open-ended questions related to the services in your community or area of work, and should take about 20 minutes to complete. Responses will not be connected to your name or contact information in any way. Please click here to open the survey. 

Why a Roadmap?

This survey is helping to gather feedback in support of the development of the BC Viral Hepatitis Elimination Roadmap. The Roadmap is building momentum in our continued efforts to eliminate both hepatitis C and hepatitis B as public health threats in BC by 2030, and is being led by the BCCDC and the BC Hepatitis Network. The project brings together individuals with lived experience, community organizations, healthcare providers, academics, and advocates to develop recommendations toward a BC free from viral hepatitis. The information we collect from this Service Mapping Survey will help us to understand the current context of viral hepatitis services in BC. The project team will use this information to examine where there are potential gaps, which will help inform the recommendations to be put forward in BC Viral Hepatitis Elimination Roadmap. You can read more about the Roadmap in this BCMJ article.

Who should do the survey

This survey is seeking participation from people whose work (paid, volunteer, or academic) have functions related to viral hepatitis or who work directly with people who are impacted by viral hepatitis. This could include work related to harm reduction, prevention, testing, treatment, community-based services, advocacy, public health, regulatory efforts, data or surveillance, research, laboratory, and other functions. We want to hear from a broad range of services providers including:

  • People in clinical, community or peer-based roles who are working in viral hepatitis;
  • People in leadership or decision-making positions;
  • People in public health roles;
  • People working at health authorities;
  • People working in laboratories;
  • People working in Corrections;
  • Academics, researchers;
  • Students; and
  • Others doing work on viral hepatitis.

Where to get more information

If you have any questions about the survey, please be in contact with Janice Duddy, consultant –  janiceduddy.consulting@gmail.com

If you are interested in being involved further or have questions about the Roadmap, please be in contact with project leads:

·  Deb Schmitz, BC Hepatitis Network – deb@bchep.org or 

·  Sofia Bartlett, BCCDC – Sofia.Bartlett@bccdc.ca