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STI Updates

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STI updates are blog posts from the BCCDC or our community partners about a variety of sexual health topics. These include program updates, clinical practice changes, new research, events, and more. We will not clutter your inbox with frequent emails, and your email address will not be used for any other purposes. 

Results in Minutes: Point of Care HIV Testing is one More Tool in your Testing Toolbox

August 10, 2012 by Sarah Fielden, Manager, Provincial Point of Care HIV Testing Program

HIV testing can be intimidating for clients. They may fear: the process of being tested; waiting and worrying about the result; and, of course, the test result itself. As healthcare providers, we often look for ways to ease these fears in our clients and when it comes to HIV testing.   Point of care (POC) HIV…

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Lymphogranuloma venereum in British Columbia

August 7, 2012 by Dr. Mark Gilbert, Physician Epidemiologist

An increase in Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) cases was identified in 2011 in BC.  LGV is a sexually transmitted infection and is caused by three types of Chlamydia infection.  The clinical presentation of people with LGV includes papules (raised surface or bumps), lesions, and swollen lymph nodes in the genital area. LGV can also cause rectal…

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