A service provided by the BC Centre for Disease Control

Setting Up Testing Reminders

If you are having sex, it’s a good idea to get regular STI testing, even if you do not have symptoms. SmartSexResource testing reminders make it easy to know when you should get tested again. You can also be reminded when your next hepatitis A, hepatitis B or HPV vaccine is due. Sign up below to get testing or vaccination reminders sent to you by email or text.

Which of these best describes you:

I want to be reminded to get regular STI testing.

I had an STI and want to be reminded to retest.

I want to be reminded about a hepatitis vaccination.

I want to be reminded about an HPV vaccination.

I want to be reminded about PrEP follow-up.

Your Privacy

To use this service, you will need to provide the following personal information: phone number or email address, and testing reminder frequency or vaccination details and preferred dosage. All personal information is collected under Sections 26(c) and (e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purpose of providing you with testing or vaccine reminders. Your consent to receive reminders is effective from the date you sign-up for this service.

While the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) takes all reasonable efforts to protect your privacy, email and text are not secure methods of communication. Email or text can be forwarded, intercepted, circulated, stored outside of Canada, misdirected or even changed without the knowledge or permission of BCCDC or yourself.

You are responsible for updating your SmartSexResource reminders with any changes to your cell phone number or email address. You may cancel your SmartSexResource reminders at any time. If you have any questions about how your personal information is used or stored, please call the program manager at 604-707-5626 or email SmartSexResource@bccdc.ca.