Why get tested?

Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be done in BC at most health clinics and doctors’ offices.  STI testing is free in BC for people with MSP coverage. Many areas have free testing for people without MSP coverage. Contact your local public health unit for more information.  Many clinics offer confidential testing for all STIs, including HIV.

If you are thinking of getting tested, here are some steps to help you get ready...
1. Find a clinic near you using our clinic finder. Or see your regular health care provider.
2. Call ahead to find out…
• what hours the clinic is open
• if you need an appointment or it is drop-in
• if you need to bring ID
• if you don’t have MSP, contact your local health unit to ask about locations that offer free testing
3. Bring this checklist to talk with your health care provider about what tests you need. [pdf/checklist page]
4. Expect your test results to take up to 10 days depending on where you live and what tests are done.

Want to take a virtual tour? Flip through our clinic tour and see what to expect at the clinic when you go for STI testing.

When do I need to get tested?
It’s a good time to get tested for STIs when:
• You have a new sexual partner.
• You or your partner(s) have other sexual partners.
• You notice any unusual or unexpected changes in your body.
• You had sex with someone who has tested positive for an STI.
• You had unprotected sex or the condom broke.

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