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HIV PrEP Toolkit

This HIV PrEP Toolkit provides resources to support health care providers in increasing their understanding and knowledge of HIV PrEP.  The toolkit includes a short overview of HIV PrEP, how to enrol for provincially-funded PrEP in British Columbia, assessment and decision support tools for clinicians and clients, and navigating the prescribing and continued access to HIV PrEP.

HIV PrEP Overview for Clinicians

Jun 12, 2019

This section provides a brief overview of using HIV PrEP as one strategy for HIV prevention in British Columbia.

HIV PrEP Resources for Clinicians

Jun 12, 2019

The following are some key resources to enable the prescribing of HIV PrEP in British Columbia, as well as to support clients in accessing and continuing on PrEP.

HIV Incidence Risk Index for MSM (HIRI-MSM)

Jun 12, 2019

This section includes a comprehensive description of the HIRI-MSM clinical assessment tool and how to use it for assessing PrEP eligibility in British Columbia.

Calculate the HIRI-MSM Score

Jun 12, 2019

Use this interactive HIRI-MSM assessment tool to calculate a score for HIV PrEP eligibility in British Columbia.