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HIV PrEP Toolkit for Clinicians

What is HIV PrEP PrEP stands for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis. It is the use of daily or on demand (event-driven) oral antiretroviral therapy (ART) by HIV negative individuals to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV. HIV PrEP refers to ongoing use of ART before and after potential exposure to HIV. This is different from HIV post-exposure...

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HIV Incidence Risk Index for MSM (HIRI-MSM)

What is this tool? The HIV Incidence Risk Index for men who have sex with men (HIRI-MSM) tool is a clinical scoring tool that can help identify men who have sex with men  who may have a higher chance of getting HIV. The HIRI-MSM clinical scoring calculator is one tool used in British Columbia to...

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Accessing PrEP Toolkit (CBRC)

This toolkit developed by the Community-Based Research Centre was made by and for queer guys to give us the tools to effectively self-advocate for PrEP and our own sexual health. Here you will find information about PrEP and resources to help guide a conversation between you and a doctor. Navigating the healthcare system can be...

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