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HIV PrEP Resources for Clinicians

The following are some key resources for prescribing HIV PrEP and to support individuals to access and continue on HIV PrEP.

These resources have been developed specifically for the British Columbia HIV PrEP program, but may be adapted for a different province with permission.  Please email SmartSexResource@bccdc.ca to inquire further.

HIV PrEP Guidelines

Eligibility / Assessment Tools

  • The HIV Incidence Risk Index (HIRI-MSM) calculator is an interactive assessment tool of a clinical scoring system that can help identify men who have sex with men who may be at a higher risk of potentially getting HIV. The specific risk factors in the HIRI calculator have been associated with a higher likelihood of HIV infection.
  • The Prescriber Notification Letter can be provided to individuals identified as being at high risk for HIV infection and who are eligible for provincially-funded HIV PrEP. This letter is given to individuals to present to a physician or nurse practitioner in circumstances where there may not be a prescriber directly on site during an initial sexual health history and assessment.


  • The HIV PrEP Program Enrolment and Prescription Request Form is to be completed by a licensed BC physician or nurse practitioner for new HIV PrEP users OR for individuals who have previously received HIV PrEP through the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS but who have been off therapy or living outside of BC more than 6 months.
  • The HIV PrEP Lab Requisition Forms include the necessary tests for the initial assessment of HIV PrEP eligibility, as well as the recommended tests for one-month and ongoing quarterly follow-up for individuals on HIV PrEP. Table 3 in the BC HIV PrEP Guidance document summarizes all testing recommendations when an individual is on PrEP. Please note that other tests may be added as per prescriber suggestion. These forms are meant to be a guide; you can choose to use whatever Laboratory Requisition Forms are commonly used in your organization or clinic.
  • The HIV PrEP Prescription Refill Form is a printed form mailed by the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDs to the follow-up provider specified on the original prescription. This form is pre-populated with the individual’s enrollment information as well as the due date of the next prescription refill. Providers can choose to use this form, or any legal prescription format to refill the HIV PrEP prescription. A new signed and dated refill prescription is required each time that HIV PrEP medication is dispensed.

Other Tools