Sex talk

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I want to use protection

What you can say

  • “Do you have a condom, or should I get one of mine?”
  • “We can do other things if we don't have a condom.”
  • “It's important to me that we use condoms. How can we make it work for both of us?”
  • “I know we’ve already had sex without condoms, but I feel better knowing we're using protection.”

When to talk about it

It’s a good idea to talk about this before you get into sex. But usually this talk happens in the heat of the moment. Have something ready to say or pull out a condom when things get hot and heavy.  If you have already had unprotected sex with a partner, you can still start using protection. Before you have sex again, talk about why using protection is important for you. 

Know the facts

Using protection is an effective way to reduce many types of STIs. In many cases, STIs are passed it on when people don't know they have one. 

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