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  • Pick a good time and place.

    Find a space and time that is quiet and private. A neutral place is sometimes better than a bed. It can be easier to talk in a car or on a walk, when you don’t have to look directly at each other. Find a time when you and your partner(s) are feeling positive and relaxed.

  • Plan it out.

    Think about what you want to say ahead of time. Try writing it down and practice in front of a mirror. Saying it out loud is a good way to get comfortable with what you want to say. Imagine what the other person might want to know. Get some ideas below about how to start the conversation.

  • Take a leap.

    Starting the conversation can be like taking a leap into the unknown. Sometimes people are surprised to find that nothing terrible happens. It may be a bit uncomfortable, or you may feel a bit embarrassed. That’s okay. Take a deep breath and jump in.

Talk about it

Part of sex is talking to partners about STIs and protection. Another part of sex can be talking with partners about what feels good. If you are not used to talking about sex, you may be shy about starting the conversation. We have some tips that can help you know what to say.

Being prepared ahead of time can make it easier. With a bit of practice, you can feel more confident talking about safer sex with partners.

Find out how to say…

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