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Partners & Communication

Learning to communicate with partners is one of the foundations for sexual health. This section has information about consent, talking to sexual partners, relationships and more.

Types of Relationships

People form romantic and sexual connections in many different ways. The world is diverse in terms of types of sexual relationships.

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Being skilled at how to ask for, and give, consent is an important part of building healthy sexual relationships. Taking the time to speak to your partner(s) about sexual activities, preferences, boundaries can help make experiences and/or relationships better and more safe. It is important to remember that true consent is more than a simple “yes”.

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Talking to Your Partners

Communication is a very important part of sexual interactions and relationships. If you are not used to talking about sex, you may be shy about starting the conversation. Being prepared ahead of time can make it easier. With a bit of practice, you can feel more confident talking about sex with partners.