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Know Your Chances

People often ask “What are my chances of getting an STI?”. While there is no simple answer, the charts below give an estimate of your chances of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI), when your partner has that STI.

The charts are based on research, and have been reviewed by STI experts in British Columbia.  These charts do not cover every situation or STI. 

Here’s what the different chances mean in the chart:

Not passed: There is no possibility for passing the infection or it is theoretically possible, but there is no evidence that this happens.

Not commonly passed: This is not a common way to pass the infection but it may be possible with the right conditions (e.g., if condom breaks).

Can be passed:  The infection can be passed this way with the right conditions (for example, from skin which is not covered by a condom or barrier).

Easily passed: The infection is easily passed this way.