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Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs can affect the decisions you make. But even when you are intoxicated, you can still make choices that keep you safer.

Know your limits: It helps to know how alcohol and drugs affect you so you can plan ahead of time how much you will drink. If you do drugs, plan what drugs you will do, how much and how often.

Plan for sex: Even if you don’t think you will have sex, you can be prepared. Carry protection. If you don’t need the condoms, a friend may need them. Consider what kinds of sex you are okay with, and what you can live with the next day. If you do not want to have sex when you are intoxicated, you can practice what you want to say when you are sober so you will know what to say in the moment.

Take a break: If you feel you are have had too much, drink some water or get some fresh air. Even if you are in the middle of sex, you can take a break or stop.

Buddy Up: Have a friend to check in with. If you leave with someone, make sure your friend knows where you are going and who you are leaving with. Keep an eye on your friends too.

Know where you are: Sometimes the party moves or you are travelling in an unfamiliar place. Know how to get home, or where you can get a cab.

Trust your gut: If you feel unsafe, trust your instincts. When you are intoxicated, it can be harder to detect danger. If you are not sure about a person, or suddenly feel like you are in an unsafe place, find a friend, call someone or find a safe ride home.

If you have a bad experience, find out what you can do:


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