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Compulsive sex

Compulsive sex is a term that refers to frequent or constant sexual thoughts, feelings or behaviours that get in the way of day-to-day life. ‘Sex addiction’ is another term that is sometimes also used.

Compulsive sex is not about how you have sex, how often you have sex or with whom you have sex. It refers to times when thoughts about sex or your behaviour causes problems in your life and with relationships. There are no set criteria for diagnosis of a compulsive sex disorder and it’s best to not diagnose yourself.

Compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviour can be a source of great suffering and it can cause feelings of shame, loneliness and sadness. If you are have sexual feelings, fantasies, or behaviours in such a way that it changes your social life or work,you may want to talk to a trusted health care provider, or check out the resources below.  If you are concerned that you have compulsive sex behaviors it’s best to see a therapist who can help support you. 

Different therapists have different approaches, models, and specializations. You might need to talk to different therapists before your first consultation, or after a few sessions, to find someone you’re comfortable with. You can also ask for recommendations from someone you trust, and research ahead of time to find a therapist with experience in the areas you’re looking for support with.


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