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HIV anonymous testing

Anonymous HIV testing is a way to test for HIV where your name and contact information (for example, your address, phone number and email) are not collected or recorded. You are given a numbered testing code that only you know and that you must provide to get your result.

What is anonymous HIV testing?

In BC, there are a number of ways that you can get an HIV test.  Anonymous HIV testing is different from other types of HIV testing because your name is not attached to your result and your contact information is never collected. When your HIV test result is ready, the doctor or nurse will not be able to contact you and so it is your responsibility to call or return to get your result.  If your anonymous HIV test is negative, no further follow up may be needed.

HIV is a reportable infection in BC, which means that positive HIV test results are reported to public health so that support can be provided to the person who has tested positive.  With an anonymous HIV test, the result is reported to public health using only a numbered code. If you test anonymously and your result is positive, you still have the option of receiving support from public health nurses. If/when you decide to get treatment for HIV, you will need to use your real name to access treatment.

Where is anonymous HIV testing available in BC?

Anonymous HIV testing is available at several sites in British Columbia. When making an appointment at a clinic that offers anonymous HIV testing, you do not have to give your real name, but you may be asked to provide a name to hold the appointment time.

Additional sites may begin offering anonymous HIV testing in the future. Please check back for updates on where you can get anonymous HIV testing.


Anonymous HIV Testing Program – BC Centre for Disease Control

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