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People form romantic and sexual connections in many different ways. The world is diverse in terms of types of sexual relationships.

Some people choose to be monogamous, while other people prefer non-monogamous relationships. A person also may not be attracted to, or interested in, having a sexual or romantic relationship with other people at all.

Monogamy: Having a romantic or sexual relationship with only one person at a time. Generally, this means committing to one person emotionally, romantically and sexually.

Non-Monogamy: Having more than one romantic or sexual relationship at the same time. These relationships may be open, where partners can seek out new relationships with other people, or closed, where the relationship is limited to a specific group of people.

While these approaches may not work for everyone, they are both valid ways to create relationships if all involved are fully aware of which type of relationship they are joining. It is very possible that the type of relationship a person wants can change over time. Being aware of this possibility may make it easier to accept and adjust to these changes.


Communication is important in every relationship. Talking about what you can offer and what you are looking for with current or potential partners can make all the difference. This communication should be ongoing, since your needs and the needs of your partners may change over time.

It is also important to never assume that your partners / potential partners understand what you want or need. The only way to be sure that everyone understands is to talk about it.


Scarleteen - Helpful information on how to talk to your partner or partners about sex.

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