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Sex work

Sex workers and their clients often tell us that it is hard for them to talk openly to health care providers about the details of their sex lives. When this happens, people may not get the best sexual health care.

If this is a concern for you, feel free to chat with us or ask a question through this website.

Common Concerns

  • Notifying sex partners about a positive STI: The BC Centre for Disease Control, and public health nurses in each Health Authority, can help by contacting partners without giving out any personal details. 
  • What are the chances of getting an STI with certain types of sex: Have a look at the Know Your Chances tables for information on the chances of getting or passing a STI given the types of sex you’re having.
  • When should I get tested: Use the STIs at a Glance chart to get information about window periods and the best time to test for accurate results.  When to get tested will depend on your own circumstances.  If you are unsure about when to get tested, you can ask a question or chat with a nurse to discuss your situation.


  1. Trade Secrets – A BC-based guide to health and safety in the sex industry for sex workers and their customers.
  2. Supporting Women’s Alternatives Network (SWAN) – Provides services for immigrant, migrant and trafficked women involved with indoor sex work in BC.
  3. PACE – A society run by, with and for sex workers that provides programs and services for survival sex workers in BC.
  4. BC Coalition of Experiential Communities – A consortium of sex worker activists that supports the development of legislation, policies, and peer-driven programs and services within the sex industry in BC.
  5. Safe in Collingwood – A sex work awareness project in the Collingwood-Renfrew area of Vancouver, SAFE offers information, services and resources for sex workers.
  6. Hustle – An outreach and support program for self-identified men in the sex industry in BC, delivered by experienced individuals.
  7. The Corner – a referral and outreach program providing a safe, supportive drop-in centre for men and transgendered sex workers in Vancouver. Contact: Richard.O'Donnell(at)vch.ca
  8. WISH Drop-in Centre Society – provides services to women working in survival sex work and a drop-in centre in the Vancouver area.
  9. Bad date reporting – sex workers in Metro Vancouver can make reports about violent and predatory individuals to alert other sex workers. Phone: 604-669-9474; Fax: 604-669-9479; email: wishdropincentre(at)shaw.ca
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