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Talk with a health care provider

As part of taking care of your health, you may want to talk with a health care provider about sex. Health care providers include nurses, nurse practitioners, family doctors, specialists, counsellors, and sex therapists.

If you have any sexual concerns, health care providers can give you information and support.  They may not bring up the topic of sexual health, but most providers are usually open to talking about it. They can rule out medical concerns or tell you where you can get help for relationship or emotional issues.

You may not have talked with your health care provider about sex before. Some people worry that if they are honest, their health care provider may judge them or may not provide the care that they need. While not all health care providers are sensitive to sexual concerns, many are. Sometimes it is just about starting the conversation.

Some things to consider:

  • Find a health care provider you trust; ask friends or other health care services for referrals.
  • Get to know the health care provider, ask questions and find out if they deal with your types of concerns.
  • If you are worried about confidentiality, ask how they protect your right to privacy.
  • It is your choice about how much or how little you tell your health care provider. The more information your health care provider has, the better picture they will have of your health. This can help them make a more accurate diagnosis.  


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