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  • Pregnancy

    If you think you may be pregnant, the only way to really know is to get a pregnancy test. Many pregnancy tests will be accurate at the time your period is due. If a pregnancy test is done too early, it may not be accurate because the test cannot detect the change in hormones yet. The test may need to be repeated with an early morning urine sample or a few days later to be certain.

  • Proctitis

    Proctitis is an inflammation of the lining of the rectum. Proctitis has many causes, but sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are the most common. Treatment depends on the cause of proctitis.

  • Pubic lice or crabs

    Pubic lice (crabs) are tiny insects that live on body hair, usually in the genital area. Occasionally they are found on hair on the legs, armpits, mustache, beard, eyebrows, or eyelashes. Pubic lice will not go away without treatment. They are treated with a special shampoo that you can buy at a drugstore without a prescription.

  • Relationships

    People form romantic and sexual connections in many different ways. The world is diverse in terms of types of sexual relationships.

  • Reportable STI

    In BC, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV are examples of reportable infections. When lab tests for these sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are positive, these results are reported to the local medical health officer to help prevent the spread of communicable infections. This information is stored securely to keep it confidential.

  • Safer sex

    Safer sex can play an important role in taking care of your sexual health. Not only does safer sex involve preventing sexually transmitted infections (STI) and unwanted pregnancy, it also includes your physical and emotional well-being. Here are some ways that you can make sex safer.

  • Scabies

    Scabies is a skin infection that is mainly passed by close person-to-person contact, including sexual contact. It can also be spread through clothing, bedding, furniture or hard surfaces. People of all ages, including children, can get scabies. Scabies is not always a sexually transmitted infection, but it is spread by close contact and can be easily passed between sex partners

  • Sex toys

    Sex toys or sex aids are used to help with pleasure during sex. They come in all shapes and sizes and some vibrate. You can use them when you are alone, or with partners. Some examples of sex toys include vibrators, dildos, cock rings, anal beads, harnesses, and feathers.

  • Sex work

    Sex workers and their clients often tell us that it is hard for them to talk openly to health care providers about the details of their sex lives. When this happens, people may not get the best sexual health care.

  • Sexual assault

    Sexual Assault is any kind of sexual act that you did not consent to. This can include everything from unwanted kissing, to groping, to forced oral, vaginal (frontal) or anal penetration. It may include physical violence or not. Sometimes manipulation or threats are used to convince a person to have sex against their will.